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Universal handset for all applications with mind-machine interface

Published by under Articles,Communications categories on December 1, 2007

handset devicesPocket devices have been improved very much since the initial ancestors of current multi technology equipment which implements different technology communications (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, etc) with email, location (GPS) organiser and various applications etc, but in spite of this evolution we are still depending on various devices : (mobile handset, laptop, TV-DVD, organiser, etc).

Trends appear in the way of comprising more capabilities in one single handset device but it appears that’s not all. In addition to multiple capabilities it would be possible to have all professional and personal needs for applications, communication, multimedia and computer, covered by a universal handset device.

Further on, this device will not need screen neither keyboard; it would be possible to manage it through a mind-machine interface and therefore the device works with your thoughts; impressed? In fact there is already a number of researches and prototypes which are milestones to the brain-machine interface (please see the new First consumer Bran machine interface  included within our review). And the current screens would be released by a 3D holographic presentation likely to the real view.

So it would be possible to bring your uni-handset device to your work and use it to communicate, email, carry out presentation and use it as a current computer. Later on is guiding you home where the same device is playing a symphony or a movie, organising your holidays and controlling the domotics applications and devices.

By Carl Buchner. Copyright Innova Pulse 2007.


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