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The interior universe for our evolution

Published by under Articles,Bio-Sciences categories on May 16, 2008

Forest in blue fogWhere is our main concern usually focussed?  Our life is mostly dedicated to events and matters in the outside of us; our society concentrates its effort in material achievements too; even our minds, our science and technology explores the most the unknown of the material world around us. But we are made of something else than materials and there is another world touching us deeper.

Our internal universe, made of the class of purposes, intentions, desires, etc, that come from our own and real essence, should mark the guiding of our lifetime beyond the ego, tracking to external achievement.

This maybe sounds metaphysics and is beyond the understanding of our current Science, but it is easy to understand that we are still a young specie and our senses “see, smell and touch ” just some phenomena from the existing world; our mind explores  further through our sciences, but this is just the surface; our interior essence someway connects to the universe as part of it.

We are much more than the perceptions of us, and can do much more to evolve in our life; there is a number of investigations which are touching our metaphysic world: like the power of mind to change our brain and our life by neuroplasticity, and the relation of our consciousness and the physical world. Our true desires, purposes and intentions someway configures our world.

Some famous authors like Wayne W. Dyer and Deepak Chopra deals with our internal metaphysics and how to improve our own development and our society by reconnecting with our interior essence.

We have the same materials as stars and are maybe specials because of we are alive, intelligent and conscious; for what is made of such small piece of universe? Which is our purpose within the universe? May be conscious species are someway the agents to feedback and complete the universe keeping it evolving.

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