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The innovation pulse

Published by under Articles,Politics / Management categories on November 5, 2007

Normandy II World war gun pointing to skyAbstract:

The author of the article reflects on the cumulative innovation around world wars and the need to promote strategic innovation within our current society.

Where is our society progress based concerning the technology advances?

It seems like a strange question and in order to focus on it, must be exposed in a better way: is there something based on technology around your usual life that was not already invented 50 years ago or before this date?

In fact, the main impulse to innovation was carried out around the world wars and it  appears that not many Science sectors have carried out principal inventions far from those horrible massacres(*) into the future. These principal inventions can be called innovation pulses, referring to remarkable advances that open a new era in the corresponding technology that is not only coming from synergies of existing technologies.

These innovation pulses, like the nuclear power, the electronic computer, the solid state technology concerning electronics, the space exploring etc, are around 50 years old and we are enjoying new version of this inventions optimised trough synergy between Science and technology sectors – i.e.: the laptop is the evolution of 50´s electronic computer applying the improved solid state technology.

Almost every usual technology element around us comes from an old invention; so the question is which principal inventions have been carried out within the last 50 years? Of course there are like the related with the genetics science but seems not as often as in the past. So it appears we are not as innovative as optimisers of existing products coming from past innovations.

Our world needs to boost innovation not because of a war, but because we can improve  the progress of our society by this and better deal with major problems arising like those derived from expanding population and our way of customising this planet (covering population needs, and marking mega trends: energy, water, food, climate and environmental pollution; that is, the assuring and improving our quality of life). The feeling is that our governments should pay more attention to principal inventions -strategic innovation- that will be needed in order to now start the efforts and achieve sooner the improvement of our quality of life for the upcoming years.

(*) PS: By the way, our old format head picture and this cannon photo was taken in Normandy; is a landscape view from the “D day” cliff areas covered by a german cannon.

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