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The future of innovation: innovation to the people

Published by under Articles,Politics / Management categories on December 29, 2008

Puzzle: Light bulb of innovation and people thinking of needed piecesInnova Pulse, has been recently invited to contribute to “The Future of Innovation Book”. Within its article, Innova Pulse extracts the need to empower innovative efforts focussed in us, our education, our practices of government and management, to the significant improvement of our world.

“The future of innovation Book” will be edited in the middle of 2009 with worldwide contributions, including relevant related organisations: Airbus, Nokia, Fraunhofer Institute, Cambridge Science park, IBM, Atos Origin, etc, appearing a very interesting initiative to contribute to the vision of innovation with influence within policy-makers, and therefore an effective way to improve the progress for our society.

Please find in which follows the article’s introduction:

The future of innovation: Innovation to the people.


Innovation may come from small groups and individual, but globalization with the concentration of joined corporations and organisations contributes to empower these sources of innovation and therefore their appropriate focus appears of a key interest to our progress, which is not merely limited by resources dedicated to innovation; correspondent politics, from corporations and governments, and specially of education, play a key role in determining the focus where addressing innovation efforts.

These politics appear very often oriented just to the benefit (economical, political, etc) in the short to medium term, which may mean the lack of long term profitability for the own company/organisation and for our society (E.g. current financial crisis)

The future of innovation opens the dimension of improving its focus to the outcome of serving the best to the progress for our society and the general interest. In our vision there are certain steps in key areas that would imply significant innovation, relevant to our progress…

Note: This article can be followed at the following link within the Future of Innovation website  where all contributions can be found. This web is going life in time for the ISPIM conference (21-24 June 2009, Vienna, Austria, ). 

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