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Special report about Spain earthquake

Published by under Cosmos,News categories on May 16, 2011

Just 2 months after the Japan quake a new one hits the city of Lorca, this time nearby the Mediterranean coast; 80% of buildings are affected, including a Middle Age castle and centenary churches, resulting in 9 dead around 150 injured and over 20000 people homeless. Our partner J. Ruiz tell us from the affected area.

I felt the quake at 40 miles away from the epicenter, and visited the area one day after the quake, I knew the city for many years and developed telecom engineering there, but I’ve been impressed by the transformation caused by the damages. Some collapsed buildings, old houses almost destroyed, fallen walls or seriously damaged; the streets of the 60000 inhabitants city are plenty of the fallen materials; but not many miles away from the epicenter, houses were practically untouched.

In spite of the 5.2 Richter, the reason of this insolite damage resides in the depth of the hypocenter, just 1 km; in the plasticity of ground and the lateral displacement of the plaques along the fall; such superficial quakes rapidly decrease their effects from the epicenter. In spite of the seismic resistant normative, many new buildings were even more affected, questioning the building quality.

What about earthquake prediction? No existing system appears to predict earthquakes but some investigations are pointing to future earthquake early warning system, even weeks before:

Earthquake early warning signals may indicate quakes weeks before.

Presentation about Unified theory for pre earthqakes signals by Nasa senior scientist Friedemann Freund.

Presentation material/slides.




  1. Sam says on May 24th, 2011 at 15:36

    By Mario Enrique:

    Hello there in the other side! Before reach us the benefits of Doctor Friedemann theory of pre earthqakes signals, we must learn like this year happen in Chile, Japan, China and now Spain, these four events are linked by the same cause (nature of plate behavior) and effects, namely, one event help triggers the other somewere over the Earth surface.

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