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Sow the winds in our nature

Published by under Articles,Politics / Management categories on October 8, 2009

From the ground of Central Park looking to surrounding buildings and cloudy sky Society and technology evolution indicators appear running, in spite of the driver behind use to be the benefit in the short to medium term, and this is one of the main reasons why technology and society evolution might be interfering basic human nature conditions, and originating after decades, psychological and physical disorders to most of population, depending on development of related politics.

Feeding is one of these natural conditions that might be unsuspectingly interfered by genetics and plantation technology. Much of our usual food is being increasingly modified genetically; this is not just affecting the natural quality of product, (of course keeping the price to final customer, but reducing cost and increasing the margin of benefit specially to the giant inter-media distributors); but this modification might seriously affect customer health in the long term.

The reason behind is that we have recently started to open the genetic secrets discovering the genome but we may be do not manage the interactive complexity of genetic modification. E.g. genetic modification of corn, in order to turn it resistant to plagues, might interact with other gene, or have a secondary effect and finally affect the customer health in the long term, or even affect, in the short term, other elements of the surrounding eco-system, in relation with corn plants, as bees or other insects that are keys to pollination.

Simply it seems there is no safety test for the whole interactive complexity of a genetic modification of food, and current test cases are under critics. Of course it seems logical that sudden introduction of new artificial GM species, within ecosystems developed by nature within many million of years, might break natural balance and have not prevented effects. And talking about corn, did you know that a big part of corn and soy production is genetically modified?

In a similar way we are surrounded by technology that may be of pernicious use in the long term.  E.g. there are studies correlating leukaemia to proximity of electricity power transportation lines. Management of technology evolution and its use, appears not contributing to increase quality of life for our society as much as it should.

As in the global crisis, it must be unacceptable to try to generate quick benefits speculating and taking in risk most of population (affected in their economy, their jobs, their health, etc) Of course progress means often to take risk but is not acceptable to extend risk to general population in order to keep increasing fast benefit of speculators.

Furthermore many of our societies appear not evolving good enough to increase the whole progress of their people (but cover the material interest of a minimum part of them who speculates by the economical and political power). Our psychological and emotional evolution are not promoted enough but even endangered along the conditions of the ways offered to individuals within most of our societies: education, work, consumerism etc.

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