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Panis et circus regimes

Published by under Articles,Politics / Management categories on July 27, 2008

Football Stadium full of supportersIn the old roman empire this expression was used to explain how to keep roman people happy/controlled. Entertainment and food delivery were used to keep attention and control of people; but modern democracies appear to continue using this nowadays, and this use appears stronger as long as weak is the democracy practice.

One representative example come from latin democracies where, specially in these crisis times, people’s attention is attracted and even satisfied with a mix of football, show-business on t.v., and some going-out in spite of basic issues, even of general interest like price speculation, are not kept in proper shape due to the lack of effective politics and even the lack of intention/practices of governments to arrange this.

People’s education, which does not build adequate individual and social conscience, is playing an important roll to keep on deviating people’s attention out of their main issues to the entertainment, which finally demonstrates is effective to maintain the status quo of  weak democracies: lack of effective politics + improper education <-> lack of social and individual conscience including the political class and its practices + basic issues even of general interest.

May be the main actor of the above described situation is the people-politicians relation, if this relation is driven by colours of parties but not by the performance of politicians to preserve the general interest, and if a proper individual and social conscience does not emanate from people to require this preservation of general interest to their politicians. 

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