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Light to unveil Universe and achieve fusion energy

Published by under Energy,News categories on December 3, 2009

10 meter chamber -bulb form- hanged before intallation within NIF buildingWorld’s largest and highest energy laser, the National Ignition Facility (NIF),  begins experiments in 2010 that will focus the energy of 192 giant laser beams on a BB-sized target filled with hydrogen fuel. NIF’s goal is to fuse the hydrogen atoms nuclei and produce net energy gain;  the fusion energy process that makes the stars shine.

NIF is a program of the National Nuclear Security Administration. Achieving nuclear fusion in the laboratory is at the heart of three complementary missions:

Helping ensure the nation´s security without nuclear weapons testing (see National Security)

Blazing the path to a safe, virtually unlimited, carbon-free energy future (see Energy for the Future)

Achieving breakthroughs in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including astrophysics, materials science, the use of lasers in medicine, radioactive and hazardous waste treatment, particle physics and X-ray and neutron science (see Understanding the Universe).

Highlighting results from recent NIF tests showed that NIF’s laser beams can be effectively delivered and are capable of creating sufficient x-ray energy to drive fuel implosion, an important step toward the ultimate goal of fusion ignition. LLE also presented results showing the most compressed fusion capsules to date. 

The recent  results announced demonstrate that NIF is capable of fulfilling a key requirement of the fusion process. To achieve fusion, NIF will focus its 192 laser beams, in a few billionths of a second, into a pencil-eraser-sized metal cylinder containing a small fuel capsule to create a small star about the diameter of a human hair which, when successful, releases more energy than the laser energy used to create it.

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