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Life is probably spread like islands within oceans of Universe

Published by under Articles,Cosmos categories on February 13, 2008

A whole Galaxy photoIs anybody else out there?  The answer to this old question is: probably yes !

If we assume that depending on the basis of life only certain window of conditions can support it (i.e. within certain range of temperature, gases composition, gravity, electromagnetic radiation, water …) it appears almost impossible to match them, but not so much if we take into account the universe scale.

Our universe is not infinite according to inflation theory but as huge as can be imagined and therefore is huge the number of galaxies and stars which are sources of energy for its planets: 10,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe; ten million, billion, according to conservative science estimates.

And then it is a question of playing with probabilities: let’s say just 1 percent of planets match the temperature window, and let’s say also that only 1/1000 match the gases composition window , and 1/100 have water… considering all conditions we are may be talking about 1/tens million scale.  May be 1/ hundreds million… and the number of existing planets is thousands of trillion, so depending on the proportion is possible that several millions of worlds are supporting life…

Considering the size of universe and the extraordinary requirements to support life these worlds are probably separated by huge distances like small islands within an immense ocean, ignoring each other,  unless… From this millions of worlds supporting life how many have intelligent life species and from them how many are able to cross/communicate through the oceans of the universe space by using their technology?

In fact it exists a recognised equation, the Drake equation, estimating the number of alien civilizations depending on different factors, and the stage which counts is how many of them have the necessary technology to contact/communicate each other in order to realise other´s existence.

If the communication technology is based in radio-propagation (like our’s) then is limited by the light speed, and it takes many years to radiocommunicate through the huge distances -light years- that are probably separating alien civilizations (oceans separating islands). For example, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is around 100.000 light years size, the human being counts with radio technology propagated to space just during less than 100 years, and therefore our radio “signals” reached less than 0.1% of just our own galaxy.

Some of this civilizations might have carried out ways to communicate/transport much faster than existing light speed media (e.g. by quantum teleportation -considered within our new “Comos connects by quantum entanglement” -; worm holes…) Human kind is not one of them but our modern technology is just around 100 years old and from the millions of worlds supporting life, probably there are other species much older/more evolved than us, able to perform this by much more advanced technology…

By Ian Seifart.
Copyright Innova Pulse 2008


  1. fredlee says on May 1st, 2008 at 04:36

    What are the chances that alien lifeforms may have already landed on Earth but too small to be seen by the naked eye? We may be viewed as giants in their unknown forms of perception.Just a thought. Must we assume that intelligent lifeform take on a human dimension?
    I guess we will be pretty lonely on this little green marvel drifting in space for a long time to come unless we can pull all our resources together to make Mars habitable and establish a new home for mankind if we fail to save planet Earth. By then we should be closer to understanding the universe and exotic ways of space travel to seek out other forms of life, let alone “intelligent” ones.

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