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In commemoration of the Moon walk

Published by under Articles,Cosmos categories on July 20, 2009

Earth reflecting sun light; photo from apollo 11 close to the moon surfaceJuly the 21st 2009,  40 years ago the man landed on the Moon becoming the top from an era of remarkable achievements, as the nuclear power and the electronic computer. We would like to make a tribute to this epic, and overview the next frontiers of space exploring in spite of the slow down of such strategic innovation.

This achievement is further impressive because of the low sophistication of resources, as computers, and materials, available at that time, and because of the turnover of breakthrough innovative developments based on it, and brought up to nowadays. 

In our tribute we would like to offer a selection of records, images and video concerning the Apollo 11 mission landing to the Moon:  

For a pesonal impression of the mission, visit this NASA site, which provides audio of the crew’s private conversations while in space. The transcripts of those recordings were made public in the 70s but the audio has only recently been posted online.

NASA is also releasing refurbished video from the July 1969 live broadcast of the Apollo 11 moonwalk. The release includes 15 of the most important moments and highlights from the mission.

To relive the mission in real time, check out . This site recreate the Apollo 11 mission minute by minute, beginning on Thursday, 16 July,  an hour and a half before the mission’s launch. The site looks impressive, full of photos, videos, cool launch simulations, and audio from mission controllers. You can also sign up to get tweets from the mission in real-time

The next frontier of space exploring considers different approaches including revisiting and establishing on the Moon: the elevator to the space, the mission to Mars, ISS’s next, extraterrestrial life exploring using different media. etc, but in spite of our current sophistication these steps are in slow motion in comparison to those times of space race, which had much less sophisticated resources. In our times the space enterprise spirit of long term is weak, but is both profitable and necessary to improve, or even save, our progress.


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