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First step in an assessment of the existence of other bubble universes

Published by under Cosmos,News categories on November 20, 2007

Sphere with spots describing singularities in microwave backgroundScientists from the University of California (Santa Cruz) find possible proof detecting our cosmos as multiverse made of bubble universes with different physic laws.
According to A. Aguirre from the UCSC Department of Physics, the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, which is radiation left over from the Big Bang, could have characteristics resulting from the existence of different universes.  CMB radiation is found throughout the universe. Many cosmologists study CMB radiation as a way to learn more about the Big Bang, the beginning of our universe.

After the Big Bang , the young universe expanded quickly, in what is called inflation. Aguirre contends that inflation could still be creating “pocket universes”, sometimes also called “bubble  universes”.

Do the universes contain similar (or different) types of matter? Are the laws of physics similar (or different) in the universes? Of course, all of this is mere conjecture on the part of theoretical cosmologists. 

Aguirre would like to extend this conjecture to facts. He thinks that distinct signs may be visible from CMB radiation, which already shows hot and cold spots—what are called large-scale anomalies. He thinks these hot and cold anomalies are related to these bubble universes.

Other cosmologists expert on cosmic microwave background radiation, has indicated that Aguirre’s idea is possible. However, the only way to verify its accuracy is to perform additional research.
If Aguirre is correct, it could add great insight into the history of the universe, or, more precisely, the history of the universes.


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