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First consumer Mind Machine Interface (MMI)

Published by under Communications,News categories on February 24, 2008

headset of the first consumer Mind Machine InterfaceThe company Emotiv unveils to the world the claimed first ever consumer brain computer interface, after more than 4 years of hard work and dedication, major scientific breakthrough and countless innovations.

The Emotiv device uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals naturally produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expression. It connects wirelessly with all game platforms from consoles to PCs.

The Emotiv neuroheadset now makes it possible for games to be controlled and influenced by the player’s mind.The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion nerve cells, which are called neurons. With the billions of active neurons, the brain tissue contains a myriad of active current sources that cause the local electrical potential to endlessly fluctuate with a great deal of variability.Each human brain is unique, both physically and functionally.

The folding of the cortex of the human brain is also highly individual, meaning the way in which the external surface of the brain is folded individualizes the potentials, regardless of how functionality is mapped in each brain. Using non-invasive electroencephalography (EEG), it is possible to observe each person’s individual electrical brain activity.Emotiv claims created a robust system and methodology for detecting and classifying both human conscious thoughts and non-conscious emotions. This revolutionary patent pending neural processing technology makes it possible for computers to interact directly with the human brain. By the detection of thoughts and feelings, this technology now makes it possible for applications to be controlled and influenced by the user’s mind.

Communication between human and machine has always been limited to conscious interaction, with non-conscious communication — expression, intuition, perception — reserved solely for the human realm. Emotiv believes that future communication between human and machine will not be limited to the conscious communication that exists today. Users will demand that non-conscious communication play a much more significant role.

Emotiv mission is to create the ultimate interface for the next-generation of human-machine interaction, by evolving the interaction between humans and electronic devices beyond the limitations of conscious interface. Emotiv has created technologies that allow machines to take both conscious and non-conscious inputs directly from your mind.

This new device may mark an important milestone towards extending the human interaction with all devices/machines through mind machine interfaces. (MMI, is consider within our article “Universal handset… ” ; related research new can be read within the new “Brain power-breakthrough … ” ).


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