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Democracy in check. Call to politic conscience for general interest preservation

Published by under Articles,Politics / Management categories on January 10, 2008

Market photoThere are very few basic needs, of general interest, to be preserved and cared by the politic establishment : many of them, are directly related to human basic rights like proper access to food, house, work etc. In spite of this, is quite evident that even some occidental countries have this access to basic general needs under speculative conditions.

One ongoing example and during years is in Spain, where the price pressure on food and specially on house access  (basic needs of population) is over exceeding by far a reasonable proportion with the cost; for example a kilo of basic vegetables/fruits production price is around 20 to 30 cents and on the other hand, the customer pays 2 to 3 euro through big distribution companies that only add the value of transportation and distribution to the supermarkets.

This pressure of growing prices, further beyond than salaries, is putting families economy under threat, and even when both parents are working the acquisition capability is decreasing and it usually takes 30 to 40 years to pay the mortgage of just a basic house.

Behind this situation there is not just a question of demand and offer law, specially concerning the food issue; is mainly a situation of price speculative practices very extended like it might be the almost monopoly agreements of the main constructors, logistics, distribution companies etc, determining the price. In any case, basic needs cannot be avoided from the demand, and politics have to take care of population access them by proper conditions.

This situation together with the usual work overtiming, have collateral social consequences: parents does not dedicate enough time and attention to their children which highly contributes to that the level of culture and education is decreasing during years while family and behaviour conflicts are increasing. This lack together with factors like a soft and too slow law administration and not sufficient controlled in-migration is driving to increase also the crime rates.

From the old Greece, Democracy means the people´s government  and therefore the primacy of general people interest, specially  their basic needs like proper access to proper food. If this is done under speculative conditions means a crime against the general basic needs of people and the primacy of particular speculative interests… Is this Democracy ?

By Ian Seifart.
Copyright Innova Pulse 2008.


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