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Decode your genetics and know who you are

Published by under Bio-Sciences,News categories on December 17, 2007

Human body drawing A company is offering private DNA analysis service trough Internet, claiming that helps you read and understand your DNA. According to the company it can help you discover how your genes may affect your chances of developing various diseases and conditions, as well as traits such as athletic ability. And because genes are not the only things that influence your health, you also get abundant background information to put their significance in context when you consult.

Genes aren’t just a biological blueprint. They’re also a historical document, an ancient text that was edited and revised over the generations. 23andMe claims that you can read that text. You can also compare your genome to those of populations around the globe.

Your unique genetic signature is a combination of your parents’ – and theirs is a mixture of their own parents’. 23andMe claims can help you trace the inheritance of different traits in your family, from food preferences to sleep habits. Find out which grandparent to thank for your athletic talent, or blame for your lactose intolerance.

23andMe announces that with raw access to all of your genetic data, you can home in on any gene or other feature you want. Or take a random walk through your chromosomes. You can also compare yourself to your friends and family either across all your genetic data, or only in groups of genes affecting certain traits.

After providing a saliva sample using an at-home kit, you can use interactive tools to shed new light on your distant ancestors, your close family and most of all, yourself. This is opening the uncharted territory of the genetics auto-knowledge and a way to prospect your possibilities in different personal fields, influenced by your genetics (illnesses, athletic capabilities …) including those which might be identified within the genetic code (may be the intelligence grade…).

This auto-knowledge is giving indication on your potential capabilities and handicaps, and this information has two readings: I one hand can help you to identify and manage your strength and weak points; on the other hand this is also conditioning your behaviour and it exists the risk of this information reach those interested in classifying people depending on their capabilities… are you afraid to discover the limitations from your DNA?


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