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Affordable and efficient energy, home made

Published by under Energy,News categories on May 24, 2010

new catalyst producing electrolysis in laboratory The Sun Catalytix ARPA-E program allows the development of technology for economical and distributed energy storage from the Sun using water as a feedstock. The technology is based on a novel water oxidation catalyst performing highly efficient electrolysis, discovered in the MIT laboratory.

The catalyst employs abundant elements of Earth for electrolysis, generating hydrogen and oxygen from tap water or clean sea water. This program seeks to translate the catalyst discovery into a robust and cost effective technology for distributed renewable energy production and storage.

Sun Catalytix has commenced a two-phase R&D program whose objective is to design and develop electrolyzer and photoelectrochemical cell (PEC) devices. Phase I involves optimization of anode and cathode catalysts and membrane separators to meet ambitious performance targets.

Phase II involves the integration of these components into disruptive electrolyzer and PEC prototypes. Targets include an inexpensive 100 Watt electrolyzer and a direct solar-to-fuel PEC module. Both devices will be constructed from materials that support mass production, operate efficiently using available water supplies, and serve as robust test-beds for innovative new products.

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